• Is the online calendar correct? 


  • How/where do I check-in? 

Please check in at our camp office located at 311 Norka Dr. You will then be taken to your cabin and if you are a first-time visitor you will be offered a tour of our campground. 

  • Do you keep a cancellation wait list?

Yes. Please provide an email address and we will update you if any cabins become available. 

  • How far out can I reserve a cabin?

Starting on January 1, we will open up reservations for the following year for our camping season, which is May 1st through October 31st.  (excluding the weekend prior to and after the 4th of July)

Please contact us if you would like to discuss booking prior to January 1 for the upcoming year.  Exceptions may be made. 

  • I need to cancel my reservation. What should I do?

Please contact us via email/telephone at least 30 days prior to your arrival date.